MO*KAN Dock Dogs is an affiliate club of Dock Dogs Worldwide.  This club was formed to promote the exciting world of Dock Diving here in the Midwest.  Our members include pet owners and their dogs from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. We are comprised of several members that are new to DockDogs® and some that are veterans.

​MO*KAN Dock Dogs welcomes canine owners, regardless of the breed or size to join in club activities. We hold several practices and events throughout the year.  Being dog lovers we all appreciate the fact that this sport gives dogs and handlers the opportunity to play in the water and have fun!

If you are interested in joining click:  Join the Club!

Feel free to contact us concerning questions about our club or sport.

MO*KAN DockDogs
PO Box 72
Blue Springs, MO 64013